Where have the years gone? It’s hard to believe that it is now over four years ago that Leigh, Jodi and Sigrun hatched a plan to bring their two successful businesses – GSL and Promotus – together.   And in the advertising industry particularly, where gossip is rife and there is no such thing as a secret, they did a pretty good job of making it happen behind the scenes, and only announcing it on 1 August 2013 once it was a done deal!

Swift Adshel

We all know that many mergers don’t succeed.  Getting ‘hitched’ involves more than just deciding whose name to use, where to set up shop and who runs the show.  Front-facing, there is the merging of different systems and processes.  And behind the scenes, there is the bringing together of two cultures and successful management of all the people involved.  And in agency-land, client conflicts can be an issue – but not in our case.

So against the trend, as we celebrate our 4-year anniversary, we can happily say that the bringing together of GSL and Promotus has been a huge success.  By applying the same principles to our own business as we do to our clients (having a strategic vision, good planning and great relationship skills) our business is flying!  We are very proud of the mix of private and public sector clients that make up our client list, and we love the work that we do.  We are now one of the largest independent agencies in New Zealand, and on all four panels of All of Government Advertising Services – strategy, creative, media and design.

It’s time to celebrate!

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