Everyone wants both low cost per clicks and great results – at GSL Promotus we know how to achieve both.

We have been able to decrease the cost per click for many clients significantly – in some cases as much as 80% – while increasing the click through rate and improving results.

A lower Cost Per Click (CPC) in AdWords usually means lower Cost Per Action (CPA) and therefore a higher Return On Advertising Spending (ROAS). However, a CPC that is too low can affect the results negatively. If you bid too low you can be excluded from search results by other competitors and get a lower ranking, Click Through Rate (CTR) and number of conversions, so one of the keys is to get your quality score up.

The quality score of your ads and websites influences ad rankings because the Google AdWords ad rank formula is a mix of the maximum CPC times the quality score of the keyword. Google gives advantage to relevant ads and the quality score is a synonym of relevance.

We increase the quality score by working on these factors:

  1. Click Through Rate

One of the factors that Google considers is the CTR. We are constantly optimising the CTR by testing different ad versions, improving the call to actions, selecting the best performing ads and deleting the lowest performing ones. We also increase CTR by optimising the campaigns to the right target audience, the best devices, times of the day, hours of the day, etc.

  1. Ad Relevance

Google determines the ad relevance based on the relationship between the ads, the keywords that activate the ad and the keywords on your landing page.

  1. Landing Page Experience

It is important to know the factors that affect Google’s review of a good page experience. Some of these are: spiderability, relevance, transparency and load time.

  1. Other factors

Account history is one of the other factors affecting the quality score. That is why it is very important to associate your campaigns with high performance accounts.

We are proud to be a Google AdWords premier partner and to have Google AdWords certified practitioners on staff that can help you achieve these results. Get in touch with us if you want to improve your campaign’s performance and we can talk you through examples of what can we do for you. You can give us a call or email us on hello@gslpromotus.co.nz.