In the recent months there has been multiple movements across senior management at Sky Television, and already there have been many changes to Sky’s offering as a result.

When new CEO Martin Stewart started in February, he announced a stronger focus on sport (as a result of Sky missing out on the Rugby World Cup broadcasting tender), a revamp of Prime and a vision to produce their own dramas and other television entertainment.

In April the Fan Pass service was slashed from $100 a month to $59 a month, and a six-month membership to $39 a month (from $56 a month), largely driven by Spark Sport entering the market.

The shift of emphasis on Prime programming followed, with the free-to-air channel screening the final season of Game of Thrones and the series final shown on the same day as it was released.

With sport on Prime set to be another focus, we’ll see more NZ Warrior games and the ANZ Netball Premiership shown live, free to air.

In terms of Sky being the “home of sport”, Sky Sport now includes coverage of the NZ NBL (National Basketball League) and College Rugby (formerly only on Rugby Channel).

With a challenging future ahead, Sky is making multiple changes across their network and there are now even talks of entering the broadband market.

And we don’t think it’ll end there – no doubt there’ll be more changes ahead.