Breastfeeding New Zealand is an initiative of the Ministry of Health to promote breastfeeding as the most natural and beneficial way to feed a baby.

Their mission is to encourage more and more mothers to breastfeed and support them during their breastfeeding journey.

To help the Ministry achieve this goal and as part of a more national campaign,  we manage and grow the BreastfeedingNZ Facebook community, which we are proud to say has now reached over 70,000 members and growing!

The page is a public community, where mums can connect and engage. They can also ask for support and helpful advice from our two breastfeeding experts who are available 7/7 through Messenger.

Breastfeeding can be really challenging for both biological and physiological reasons but also because of the stigmas still present in our society, so making this page available as a safe space which is free and open to all mums is of huge benefit to the New Zealand breastfeeding community.

Thanks to our client’s trust and with the help of our wonderful community managers, we are ensuring this community remains a comforting and nurturing space for breastfeeding mums in need.

We also want to celebrate the beauty of breastfeeding and motherhood and regularly invite our members to share their personal experiences and pictures and we are always striving to keep the page fresh, fun and relevant with seasonal competitions and useful information.