Cartology launches in New Zealand

Cartology is the latest iteration of Countdown supermarket’s media offering, which now encompasses more than just in-store opportunities.
Using a joined-up data solution informed through online shopping and OneCard information, Cartology can now provide media solutions throughout the grocery purchase journey. Shopper engagement opportunities include front-of-store, in-store, in-aisle, at shelf, and beyond the physical store location into email, online, direct mail and social media.


The combination of integrated touchpoints means Cartology can deliver a holistic, performance report upon campaign completion, including:

  • Transaction: Volume of customer transactions during the campaign period in stores where campaign activity featured.
  • Active buyers: % of customers that shopped the product category in the last 12 weeks.
  • Reach: Number of unique customers exposed to brand messaging, both in-store and online, across the campaign period.
  • Engagement Rate: % of people who opened, clicked or activated an ad – e.g. 1:1 Rewards email.
  • New customers: Number of Everyday rewards customers who purchased the brand, that had not purchased in the last 12 months.
  • Campaign Store Sales: Total value of sales of SKUs directly supported by brand messaging in stores where campaign activity featured.

This all results in a richer portfolio of shopper media offerings; backed by a more robust set of data, to help inform shopper media decisions and grow market share for grocery advertisers.

At this stage, the Cartology media suite is open to products available for purchase in Countdown stores only, however this position will be regularly reviewed, with an aim to eventually open up opportunities to advertisers with shoppers as a key target market.