We live in a digital world, and technology changes our behaviours in the way that we learn, entertain or communicate. We have access to more information than ever and we love consuming content and communicating with our devices. When we look at millennials we see that they do not use media in the same way that we did only 10 years ago; they do not watch TV without using other devices at the same time to chat with their friends. Yes, we love to communicate and we’re using messaging apps more and more.

Marketing and advertising have moved on from one directional and rhetoric messages like “we wash whiter”, “a taste like no other”, “a watch that resists more”. Now we use social media or content marketing or we search the internet to research products that we are interested in.

In this context, there is a new trend affecting all aspects of our lives, not only marketing and advertising – it is robots and artificial intelligence. Brands have begun incorporating chatbots into their marketing strategy in order to hold conversations with their prospects or customers and help them get the information that would influence their buying decision.


Bing Search bot is an example of the use of bots in conversational marketing:


Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana are other examples of conversational bots.

One of the biggest challenges for these technologies is the emotional touch, which will be deeper as artificial intelligence evolves. Already, however, we are getting used to dealing with machines without the human touch, especially if there is a cost or speed advantage.  Think of ATMs, self-checkouts and ecommerce.

Technology is changing the world that we are living in and it is very important to be aware of how our customers interact with our brands. If you would like to “hold a conversation” about the last trends in digital marketing get in touch with us helllo@gslpromotus.co.nz or (04) 3845994. We promise that there will be a real person answering your message.