Blockbusters and Engagement – How Cinema Wins!

Last week the GSLP media team attended Val Morgan Upfronts, a presentation sharing insight into the next year of cinema – and next year looks set to be incredible!

2018 has seen a 7.6% uplift in cinema admissions year-on-year, in a time where fragmentation is one of the biggest challenges facing advertisers. Whilst audiences are becoming harder to reach and engage, cinema provides a true, device-free escape for consumers, shown in a recent Kantar-Milward Brown study. Cinema provides the highest ad resonance rate with the lowest frequency requirement – 95% of consumers recalled an advert they’d seen in cinemas the following week at a frequency of just 1.5. Comparatively, the TV ad recall rate was 85% with a 4.0 frequency.

The huge range of blockbusters coming out in 2019 is sure to solidify these numbers with Avengers 4, The Lion King and another Star Wars installment set to hit our screens. A live-action adaptation of Aladdin is coming, as well as a new take on Sherlock Holmes, The Lego Movie 2 and the Downtown Abbey film as just a few of the highlights!

Cinema can be a great strategic channel alongside other screen platforms with an average of 8% incremental reach when paired with TV or digital, whilst being in an uninterrupted environment. There’s nothing like switching off at the movies – and the team at GSLP are certainly getting ready for a lot of popcorn consumption in 2019!

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