Sound strategic thinking should form the base of every design project. At GSL Promotus, strategic thinking is built into everything we do.


Our network of specialist designers have experience in almost every industry category. We have a strong record of delivering inspirational, simple and insightful design solutions for both public sector and commercial clients. We are not a stand-alone design agency – we offer design and more. The “more” is what you often won’t get from a stand-alone design agency. Our work will be strategically based, and if required, integrated into a wider campaign.


Often design briefs start with the output required – we need a poster, or a logo, or a widget of some description. Our starting point is to understand the need, to understand the audience, and to understand what success looks like. How will this design brief contribute to the success of the project?


We will talk to you about where the poster is going to be displayed; who will see it and what we want them to take out of it. We’ll talk about what other design elements will sit in this mix; whether there are brand guidelines to follow (or if they need to be produced); whether there are any dependencies; and how this design work will be produced and distributed. We’ll talk to you about budget and timing to ensure that everything we produce will meet your needs in every way.

And if you need a full brand audit or brand redesign – we’re the right agency. We work from the smallest logo design to full scale brand redesign. Whatever your need is, we can provide audience-focused design solutions, that are creatively excellent.