Late last month two of our team had a great day out in Auckland at the Digital Day Out 2017, hosted by the Marketing Association.

This was a great summary of some key digital trends affecting media and advertising at the moment. Great for inspiration, and for getting a little freaked out by some of the things that are already possible with artificial intelligence!

Here’s a quick summary of the highlights:

  • The Internet of things and the possibilities based on data collection and connectivity.
  • The rise and rise of AI and how it is being built into customer interactions through technologies such as chatbots online, or even more personal interactions via digital avatars with programmed emotional intelligence.
  • Messaging Apps are seeing large growth at the moment as users are starting to prefer them to the big social media channels. There are implications here for all brands that are busily investing in their social media presence.
  • Gamification of your messages and campaigns to engage your audience for longer and keep them coming back to you.
  • The absolutely awesome functionality of weChat in China, and how it adds so much value to users, creating a platform that enables people to do a lot of the things they need to do, without leaving the app.
  • And some great examples of Social Media Campaigns, from overseas and here in NZ, showing how to leverage multiple touchpoints in the social landscape when delivering your message.

Multiple speakers also highlighted the importance of brand building – in today’s world with the ever-evolving digital environment we can move faster, and be more reactive with shorter turnaround times. We can track immediate results with data readily available at our finger tips. These factors are shifting our thinking towards short-term sales activation and immediate results over brand building and long-term sales growth, whereas it is essential to find a balance between both.

There is so much to share from this cool event so if anything above is of interest we’d be happy to chat about what we learnt from the event and what we think it means for businesses today.

Please feel free to get in touch with us or (04) 384 5994.

Digital Day Out Robot