Digital Marketing Agency

Technology has changed everything, even the consumer. Internet influences the buying process and the new customer crosses the line between online and offline constantly. From the awareness stage to post-conversion retention, the new customer does research online, reads other people’s opinion in blogs, compares different options across the web, looks for alternatives and shares experiences online. In this new scenario, it is essential to integrate a Digital Marketing strategy with any marketing approach in order to be competitive.

GSL Promotus Digital Marketing agency services include online techniques and strategies to help you reach your business objectives: Web Analysis, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, Conversion Rate Optimisation and more.


We have Google certified specialists who can help you to optimise your web usage and get actionable insights by measuring, collecting, analysing and reporting data. We can help you evaluate your progress towards your business objectives (KPI), provide insights and help you to base your strategic decisions on accurate data. Read more


When it comes to targeted web-based advertising we have the ability to track customer tendencies and identify what are the best options for your online advertising campaigns. We can help you to invest in relevant advertising and use retargeting techniques to maximise your results. Read more.


We have the tools to implement a structured and systematic approach to improving the performance of your website. Our work is based on improving your calls-to-action, conversion funnels, A/B testing and more. Read more.


Our agency is a proud Google AdWords certified premium partner – a result of our experience and preparation. We can help you get the best outcomes out of your budget by maximising your Return on Investment (ROI); reducing your Cost Per Click (CPC) to the lowest possible point while increasing Click-Through-Rates (CTR) and Conversions. Read more


We have a team of Search Engine Optimisation specialists that have a deep knowledge of Search Engine algorithms. We can improve your natural ranking by working on four major areas; Accessibility, Indexability, On-Page and Off-Page factors. Read more.


An effective Social Media Strategy is about creating an ecosystem, critical to building trust and credibility for your brand or organisation. The ability of the content to travel through the consumer networks makes the medium powerful. A good social media strategy delves into the nature of stakeholder engagement on each of the social media platforms. Social Media Marketing is more than just posting content periodically on social media. Read more.