It’s not often that we produce something that isn’t seen in New Zealand – but that’s what happened with a recent campaign for our client, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

MPI approached us with a brief for some fresh creative to promote New Zealand’s border biosecurity rules overseas.

The aim is to inform travellers to declare or dispose of prohibited goods before coming through New Zealand Arrivals.

Frontline staff identified that travellers entering New Zealand will often accidently bring in fruit in their hand luggage. Families with young children are frequently found to be carrying fruit as snacks for their children.

While previous campaigns have focused exclusively on keeping New Zealand clean and green by not bringing in prohibited items, we shifted the focus based on insights into the travelling audience and things they really want to avoid. In this campaign we remind travellers of how inconvenient it can be when being held up in arrivals. A simple check for prohibited items such as a piece of fruit can help avoid this happening.

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