First Five Rungs_Communications Council

GSL Promotus At First Five Rungs

On the fourth of April, a few of our Media team superstars attended the First Five Rungs in the Capital event run by the Comms Council. This event featured guest speakers Jodi Willocks (Heyday! General Manager) and Erik Hay (Weta Workshop Creative Strategy Director) as they eloquently and humorously shared their personal career journeys in the world of advertising.

From sharing the do’s and don’ts, the highs and lows, the challenges and the rewards, they showed us exactly what it means to be a successful and passionate member of this industry. They got down to the nitty-gritty, evoking inspiration and giving priceless insights to the industry newcomers, who have recently embarked on their own first five years of their careers.

A few takeaways from this event are:

  • Discover your Waka Huia, treasure your beliefs and values, and stay true to these.
  • Use your energy, passion and generosity to fuel your hard work in the office as well as in the social scene, get involved!
  • Take care of yourself and others.
  • Be consistent, curious, honest and resilient.