How To Avoid A Stink Result

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has identified the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) as a biosecurity threat to New Zealand. It isn’t established in New Zealand but it’s a sneaky pest that’s been caught at the border many times.

Over the last four years, we’ve worked with MPI to run targeted campaigns to raise awareness of BMSB, primarily driving people to look for BMSBs in their environments, and know what it looks like, as part of their Readiness & Response communications.

For the upcoming 2020/21 campaign, we wanted to refresh the creative and so we developed 5 new creative territories to test directly with our target markets.

At GSL Promotus we have research capabilities in-house, so we can easily, and quickly, test creative concepts to ensure any campaign materials and messages resonate and engage with our audiences.

For this project, we ran an online survey and in just over two days we received feedback from 135 participants.

Of those respondents, 43% recalled previously seeing advertising about ‘Keeping New Zealand Stink Bug Free’ which was great to see, particularly given the campaign has largely been promoted via digital channels.

Out of the 5 creative territories we tested, one territory stood out for most participants. Most rated the ‘winning’ territory very highly for appeal, clarity of message, and the most encouraging to get them to look out for stink bugs. Part of its appeal was because it used NZ colloquialism, and the play on words resonated well with participants.

Based on audience feedback we refined the creative territory and the final advertising materials were produced. Using research as part of the process was invaluable, it provided the insights we needed to ensure the campaign materials would actually engage, resonate and motivate our audience, rather than just guessing, or hoping, they would.

The campaign will run until mid 2021, and so far, the campaign is performing extremely well.