Are your immunisations up to date?

On behalf of the Health Promotion Agency, we partnered with Mai FM to deliver a very important immunisation message to those aged 16-32 years.

Many within this age group don’t realise that you actually need two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine to be fully protected against these serious diseases and as a result, are at risk.

A historically difficult audience to engage with, we developed an integrated campaign alongside the Mai FM team, utilising the strengths of the channel across audio, digital and social platforms. This included:

  • A range of online banners, informing the audience exactly what immunisation protects against and what it doesn’t
  • Announcer read adlibs across the day; live announcer liners in the Mai Nights Show and sweepers and credits in the weekend Hit List show, to encourage a real conversation about immunisation. Listen to the adlips [MMR adlib1MMR adlib2]
  • Social posts from announcers, to provide an advocacy message

Remember, if you know anyone within this 16-32 age group, let them know that if they are not 100% sure they received both vaccinations, get in contact with their GP and get another jab, just in case! For more information, visit