The battle between Snapchat and Instagram has caused changes that affect both users and advertisers.

In 2016, Instagram launched an identical version to one of Snapchat’s main features, stories. One year after, in June 2017, it resulted in more than 250 million users creating daily stories with Instagram. This is compared to the 166 million users of Snapchat.


whatsapp business profiles


Instagram followed suit by introducing similar features to Snapchat, such as popular face filters, location tags, stickers, drawing tools and messages that disappear. The latest numbers from Instagram report 800 million monthly active users and 500 million who use it every day. Whereas Snapchat reported 187 million users, which is just 37.4% of the Snapchat reach.

Two of the last responses that we have seen from Snapchat are the analytic tool for influencers and the Ads Manager API opening for everybody.

Snapchat Analytic tool offers audience insights to the influencers who are part of Snapchat’s official stories MME. This tool was requested by these influences as it helps sell sponsored content to brands. The objective of this tool is to bring back the influencers it had lost to Instagram.


whatsapp business profiles


Last week, Snapchat announced that it is opening its advertising API to everyone. A year ago the advertising API was launched for approved developers only. Now they have opened the automated buying tool to all advertisers, agencies and third-party developers.

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