Suzuki has enjoyed prolonged sales success with their top spec Jimny Sierra 4WD, and wanted to draw more attention to the JX model. We created a campaign that positioned it as the ultimate vehicle for local adventures, resulting in record breaking sales for this model.

increase in Jimny JX Manual orders for the month


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No holding back for Suzuki Jimny Safari

For years now, Suzuki NZ has seen great sales success with their ever-popular Jimny Sierra 4WD. The Jimny has a reputation as one of the toughest, most tenacious off-roaders, with over 50 years of history and its uncompromising off-road ability.

The highest spec Jimny Sierra model has been taking the lion’s share of sales over the past two years. With customer wait times of over 3 months on the Sierra, Suzuki wanted to raise the appeal of their Jimny JX Manual base model.

So, how did we do it? With a style stampede, that’s how!

Starting with the JX model, a special edition Safari version was created, adding a host of adventure accessories to the package. We planted the Jimny Safari deep in its off-road-conquering natural habitat, and zoomed in on the stylish accessories that set this model apart. We challenged our digital team to create an animated ‘nature shoot’ in an HTML web ad, using the view from a camera lens to create the effect of being out on Safari.

Creative ran across social media, HTML ads, dealer press, in-store brochures and kiosk banners. Digital advertising drove to the Jimny Safari landing page, where complete model and accessory package details were available.

We saw Jimny JX orders jump from a monthly average of 10 to 86 in the first month of the campaign, carrying on strongly with 72 orders in the following month. This meant Suzuki’s three-month sales target of 150 units was exceeded in just two months. The Jimny Safari special edition continued to be in high demand after launch, meaning more Kiwis got to discover our NZ paradise the Jimny way.


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