Media Agency

The media landscape is in a constant state of evolution. Never before has expert advice, research and evidence been more important in planning your media investment. GSL Promotus is fully accredited in all media. We subscribe to all key media research, and we have highly skilled media experts to advise you on every project.


GSL Promotus has media integrated into our full service agency. Media strategy, planning and buying can be provided as a stand-alone service, or it can be integrated with marketing strategy, creative and production.


Our media team will start by dissecting your audience. We purchase a raft of media research enabling us to view your audience a myriad of ways, learning as much as we can about their habits, and developing insights, before recommending the best way to reach them. It is more important than ever to keep up to date with changing audience habits and integrate audience insights and creative media thinking into each and every strategy.


We are focused on achieving the best integrated plans for your business. We are media neutral, so will create bespoke media solutions that best meet your objectives for each and every project. There are no hidden agendas – we are not trying to use your media dollars to meet any agency bulk deal objectives. And we love creating firsts. Our recommendations are not simply based on what media channels and tactics are currently available, but what can be created or leveraged. Creative media is about using smart audience insights to determine which channels reach and engage your audiences, which will deliver the desired results, and which best reflect your brand values – wherever that might be.

Our experienced media team is at the collaboration table from the beginning of every project. Together we develop effective solutions, create new and innovative opportunities, and engage audiences cost efficiently in order to achieve campaign objectives and provide true value to our clients’ business.