It’s been a while now since mobile overtook fixed internet access. So, it’s no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing is important. The question is: are you aware of the factors affecting mobile strategies?

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Search engines are now giving more importance to mobile users. Last year Google led a global initiative that aims to make the website faster for mobile users. The initiative is called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

AMP pages are basically a copy of a page but stripped-down, with a reduced amount of data that needs to be loaded (e.g. less text, lighter pictures, no videos, etc). If you want to see how they look you can visit the AMP version of this article here,


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AMP pages are important because Google prioritises these pages in the mobile rankings, and now Baidu – the most popular Search Engine in China – has decided to do the same.

The Chinese version of the AMP pages are more oriented to the Chinese market and are called MIP (Mobile Instant Pages), but essentially use the same technology.

AMP pages will help you in increasing your ranking in mobile searches. AMP pages are not expensive to build – it’s all about prioritising and setting them up properly. The ROI for setting this up will almost certainly show that this is a worthwhile strategy.

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