You may have heard the term bandied about, but what does it really mean?

The general description you’ll find is “Moment marketing means you reach the right person at the right time, at the right place, in context.”

But how do you make that happen in actuality? How do you reach the right person at the right time, in the right place, in context? How can it be brought to life in English and not martech speak?

Right now, there’s a few ways you can leverage marketing in the moment. Whilst most are digitally-led due to the benefits of technology, there are still opportunities to maximise moment marketing in more traditional media now that equipment and processes have sped up production timelines; and creative material provision deadlines have shortened.

  • Search Ads are probably the most obvious answer – Having an ad that appears whenever someone is looking for information, based on relevant keywords
  • Retargeting browsers who have not completed the desired conversion on your website, on another platform (eg; social media)
  • Contextual targeting – Having an ad appear within an article or relevant topic website based on subject matter
  • Synch targeting –
    • Having an ad appear on a mobile device whenever an owned or competitor TVC airs or based on TV programme content


    • Having an ad appear on any digital device or a digital out of home site based on weather or time of day
  • ‘Donut’ ads on radio – Having part of a commercial pre-recorded (or at least pre-approved), and then adding the appropriate piece of relevant content based on events or public mood or latest data
  • This tactic can also now be applied on TV and print as well, providing the ability to change out content based on up to date stats, or events, or current news topics
  • Live Feed Ads on digital out of home site – Having updated content generated from your website or social content ‘fed’ to out of home media
  • Location-based targeting on mobile – Having ads appear to people who are in either yours or a competitor store, or at a sponsored event
  • Retargeting ticket purchasers to relevant events – Having an event relevant offer for a purchaser to redeem

These are just some examples – there are many more that could be considered; and as technology evolves; there’ll be even more ways to tap into consumers need for immediate fulfilment. For moment marketing to work to it’s best potential, the customer or user still needs to have a predisposition to your brand or service. It works most effectively when coupled with regular ‘brand’ building activity, so that when they’re in that moment – the moment that matters – they already know & trust your brand, and they have confidence that your product or service is the answer in their moment of need.