New Zealand Food Safety and The Rock

Food poisoning is a significant problem in New Zealand. It is estimated that approximately half of all cases are caused by unsafe food handling practices in the home, however, most people believe that food cooked by themselves is safe, and that they are more likely to get ill when eating food prepared by others.

Our client MPI NZ Food Safety once again tasked us to create a public awareness campaign to get Kiwis to participate in the three key actions when safely preparing meals for family and friends – Clean, Cook, Chill – and to educate them with further information about Campylobacter via an online landing page. We defined the target audience as Household Meal Preparers (predominantly women aged between 20 and 49 years) and BBQ Meal Preparers (predominantly men aged 30 and above). NZ Food Safety have a five-year performance target to reduce the number of human Campylobacter cases by 10 percent.

With this target in mind, we worked to get the message out to our BBQ Meal Preparer audience, by engaging with the loyal listeners of The Rock to illustrate the importance of following the 3 C’s when preparing food, to reduce the occurrence of food poisoning in NZ. As The Rock is the number one station for ‘Males’ aged 18 to 54, an audience who love a good barbie, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to jump on board as the main sponsor for The Rock’s Meatstock; a BBQ and music festival!

Held over the weekend of the 15th and 16th of February, there’s no doubt that the meat connoisseurs at the event learned a thing or two about how important it is to Clean, Cook and Chill their meat properly and one lucky listener and their mate had the experience of sussing out how the pros did it, with accommodation, flights and a fridge full of meat included! Across two weeks, Jay and Dunc from the Drive Show ran daily competitions in which contestants competed to win BBQs by correctly guessing the type and cut of meat based on three clues, one of which featured NZ Food Safety messaging. The 10 winners were put into the grand prize draw to become The Rock’s Meatstock VIP.

To complement this on-air activity, Clean, Cook, Chill messaging was integrated through on-air sweepers, liners and trailers; and a fun and cheeky video was created by The Rock featuring Jay, Dunc and Carl which educated our audience on the 3 C’s when it comes to preparing food. This featured on their website as a native article as well as on social media and achieved a huge volume of views and engagement. Check out the video here.