We love native advertising and it is usually part of our media recommendations for several reasons; cost-efficiency, a good source for generating traffic, it can be bought on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis, and it is less intrusive than other forms of advertising. Native ads bring more value to publishers performing up to 7x better than banner ads.

Some of our clients sometimes ask, “what is native advertising?”.

Native is a type of advertising that matches the form and the content of the platform it appears on. This makes the ads to be more relevant and less intrusive to the users, resulting in higher levels of acceptance and better Click-Through-Rates (CTR) than other forms such as web banners.



If the advertising content is related to the content that the user wants to see, the ad might be considered as helpful information.

When we talk about native ads we usually refer to the In-Feed Ads. However, search ads, social ads and video ads could be considered as native ads as well:

In-Feed Ads: The ads are placed on the website’s content. It looks like it is part of the editorial content, but usually, it says “sponsored”. Some of the websites where we place native ads are Trade Me, Stuff, NZ Herald or Yahoo.

Search Ads: Promoted content that appears in the search engines as natural results. This is usually the most cost-efficient way to drive traffic to a website, and the source that results in higher conversions and lower cost per conversion. Our experience and credentials with this kind of advertising resulted in GSL Promotus earning the Google premium partner certification.

Social Ads: Facebook allows advertisers to efficiently deliver native ads, ensuring the preservation of the user experience and serving quality that drive great results for our advertisers.


GSL Promotus always looks for a better way to deliver results. Better CTR, Better CPC, and Better Engagement. Get in touch with us to discuss the best way to meet your goals and deliver the best possible results.