NZ Print & Magazine Update

The New Zealand print industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. But what seemed to be an abrupt end to major publications back in April 2020 is now seeing a revival of some old favourites and a few new print and digital magazine offerings for Kiwis to look forward to.

On 31st August, NZME launched Volume 1 of its new Viva magazine, now a stand-alone lifestyle publication after 22 years of being a paper stock insert within NZ Herald newspapers. The magazine boasts a strong editorial team, led by Amanda Linnell (editor in chief), Dan Ahwa (creative director), and Margaret Hawker (GM of integration).

School Road Publishing, the new publishing business created by former Bauer NZ editorial director Sido Kitchin, has revealed four new local lifestyle magazine titles along with their renowned editors:

  • Woman, edited by Sido Kitchin (School Road Publishing Group publisher)
  • Haven, edited by Vanessa Marshall
  • Thrive, edited by Wendyl Nissen
  • Scout, edited by Sarah-Kate Lynch

MediBoard has also released their new MediWell digital magazine—New Zealand’s first mobile wellness magazine. Readers can access and directly download the mobile magazine by scanning a QR code from one of the 750 MediBoard sites across the country (medical practices/offices). Each issue will feature important health issues, including nutrition, health, sleep, medication, and mental health.

Bauer Media Group New Zealand (now owned by Australian private equity firm Mercury Capital) has revived some kiwi print classics, with the confirmation of the return of six beloved magazine titles and editors (press release info…):

  • Kia Ora, edited by Virginia Larson
  • Australian Women’s Weekly NZ Edition, editor Sarah Henry
  • Woman’s Day NZ Edition, editor Seb van der Zwan
  • New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, editor Marilynn McLachlan
  • Your Home and Garden, editor Fiona Hawtin
  • The Listener, editor Pamela Stirling

Additionally, Simon Farrell-Green, former editor of Bauer Media’s Home, swiftly created the new architectural and design magazine Here. The publication is offering content that reflects a new take on design in a COVID-19 influenced world.

The creation of Capsule, an online platform self-described as “the ultimate curated collection of smart stories and relatable rants”, was established back in May by an impressive collective of former Bauer writers and editors (Kelly Bertrand, Founder & Editor; Emma Clifton, Contributing Editor; Nicky Dewe, Contributing Editor; Alice O’Connell, Contributing Editor).

And lastly, Auckland-based Parkside Media announced their acquisition of Home and Fashion Quarterly, along with their excitement to bring new issues of these magazines into the hands of New Zealand readers.

It is great to see the print industry rebounding and the return of many talented editors and writers after what has been a challenging year.