Play Stuff Launch

Stuff recently launched Play Stuff – their new destination for news and entertainment videos.

Positioned somewhere between YouTube and TV On Demand, Play Stuff content includes a combination of both short and long-form video content.

In addition to content generated by Stuff’s own journalists, Play Stuff features free content curated from numerous content providers including NZ On Screen, Bravo New Zealand, Māori Television, Red Bull and VICE alongside a raft of content from Reuters, Press Association, Les Mills, TechCrunch and more. (A full view of content providers can be found here.)

Play Stuff can be accessed via the Stuff website on desktop; or via either Apple or Android apps for mobile.

The introduction of Play Stuff was driven by the need to deliver a new revenue stream – demand for pre-roll video inventory on Stuff articles has outstripped supply for some time – and with a younger audience watching more than 30 hours of video content each week, it also opens up a potential new (younger) audience for Stuff to then migrate to other channels within its portfolio over time.

With regard to advertising opportunities, there are no display or native options – all advertising on Play Stuff is video-based. The options have been categorised into 2 main buying opportunities based on the length of the content:

  1. Videos less than 20 minutes long
    • 6 seconds (non-skippable)
    • 15 seconds (non-skippable)
    • 30 seconds (skippable after 15 seconds)
  2. Videos over 20 minutes long
      1. 15 seconds (non-skippable)
      2. 30 seconds (skippable after 30 seconds)

Currently, video advertising inventory can only be purchased ‘run of site’, but category and ‘content brand’ targeting options will be available soon.

Our view?  A good, broad range of content delivered by reputable content providers within a brand safe, trusted channel environment is an excellent addition to the wide spectrum of video advertising opportunities currently available.

Check it out for yourself here.