B4 School Check


Health Promotion Agency


Most families already take advantage of the free B4 School Check before their child goes to school. However, some families hadn’t been reached by the programme or taken the opportunity to engage. Māori and Pacific families in specific regional areas were identified as those most in need of encouragement.


Some people were undertaking the checks too late, not allowing time for any follow up health appointments to be completed before the child started school. Others didn’t see the point and weren’t engaging at all.

Some families didn’t understand the checks and were worried about engaging with services that could be perceived as checking up on families.


Our strategy was to increase support and uptake of B4 School Checks by increasing awareness and understanding of the programme.

We rebranded the programme and created a campaign that was engaging and inspirational to all parents – in particular those who hadn’t seen the need to enrol their child.

Real stories that reflected lives of at-risk families were told in video format and used in a variety of media, as well as being a resource for stakeholders.

Maori, Samoan and Tongan were identified as key languages, but rather than just translate the materials, each item was created from a world-view of each of these cultures, ensuring a depth of authenticity and connection. All materials created were simple, user friendly and extremely well targeted.

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