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Ministry of Health – Breastfeeding New Zealand


Breastfeeding New Zealand Facebook Page


Mothers-to-be and breastfeeding mothers


To create a supportive and caring online community where mothers, whānau and caregivers, can seek advice and help solve breastfeeding related issues. Our goal is to make breastfeeding a natural and normal part of their everyday life.


Since its launch in 2009, the BreastfeedingNZ Facebook page has grown to almost 70,000 members.

With two experienced community managers available on the Facebook page 24/7, members can ask breastfeeding related questions privately or ask that their questions be posted anonymously on the page for community advice. Members can also post directly to the page.

The BreastfeedingNZ Facebook page is a great forum to share beautiful breastfeeding moments and memories as well as advice and support. GSL Promotus monitor and assist the community managers moderating content where necessary. GSL Promotus also run monthly competitions on the page which creates engagement within the community whilst adding a lighter component to the page.

Growing the membership base of the BreastfeedingNZ Facebook page remains a core objective.

We promote the page through various media channels such as Facebook page likes, out of home, digital and print. The imagery used within this campaign is generated using images submitted by mothers from the BreastfeedingNZ Facebook page. This user generated content not only offers variety but ensures that imagery remains relevant to our community.

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