Choice Not Chance


Health Promotion Agency


Low to mid-level gamblers who are at risk of their gambling becoming a problem.


What starts as Fun can quickly become Unfun.

It’s a sensitive subject – gambling harm is often hidden but can escalate quickly. And when it gets out of hand it can damage relationships, whānau, finances and hopes for the future.


We don’t want to vilify gambling, so our approach is to show gambling when it is still fun, and compare this with when it becomes out of hand and “unfun”. We used typical situations of people out with friends, with one of the group experiencing harmful gambling. Advertising is on television, digital, social and in venues.

The advertising and resources drive people through to the website, where we feature quizzes to help people learn more, and know where to go for assistance if needed.

Contact us for more information on the results and the thinking behind this highly successful campaign.