NZ Fishing Rules


MPI – Fisheries New Zealand


NZ Fishing Rules Summer Campaign


Recreational fishers (predominantly men aged between 25 and 64 years)


To create a public awareness campaign to educate our audience of the rules they need to follow when fishing in our waters, so they don’t get caught with a fine. Also, to enhance fishers’ understanding of the shared responsibility to conserve our natural resources for future generations.


Fishing is one of New Zealand’s most popular recreational activities. 17% of the New Zealand population regularly fish – that’s 600,000 recreational fishers.

Nearly all fishers surveyed (97%) were aware there are rules surrounding catching fish and collecting seafood in New Zealand. However, they were not checking the rules frequently. 57% of fishers did not check the rules the last time they went fishing and 26% of fishers hadn’t checked in over a year despite going fishing in that time. 70% of fishers surveyed were not aware of the NZ Fishing Rules app.

In order to increase compliance, we needed to generate greater awareness of the Fishing Rules app when fishers were in ‘fishing mode’.


The campaign strategy was informed by results from the previous year’s campaign which delivered the highest downloads of the NZ Fishing Rules app and visits to the fishing rules web page since 2015. The campaign was primarily designed to address the goal of increasing app downloads and regular usage of the app, which leads to greater compliance of our fishing rules.

The creative had to be more engaging than previous campaigns as we needed to reach people within the audience that had not yet downloaded the app. We created two sets of creative – ‘Caught’ and ‘Gutted’. Both creative were based on reinforcing the fines that recreational fishers receive if they are not compliant with the fishing rules.

This multi-channel campaign included digital, mobile, print, radio and out of home media components which were all in highly relevant fishing-related environments.

Whilst the campaign ran for the full summer period, activity was enhanced during holiday and regional long-weekend periods, when people were more likely to be fishing; and regional upweights were included in areas with higher fisher populations.

Mobile advertising was ‘split-served’ – with Android devices leading people directly through to the Google Play Store app; and iOS devices leading people directly through to the App Store; to make the download process as easy as possible for users.


Overall, the campaign exceeded client expectations and delivered 14,988 downloads of the Fishing Rules app. This was a 46% increase on last year’s results and 137% increase on the year prior.

Website landing page visits also increased – up 22% year-on-year.

And we were also able to deliver the campaign with greater cost-efficiency – with the cost per download reducing by 18% year-on-year.

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