Quitline 2017 – Wrapped in Honey


Homecare Medical and Health Promotion Agency


Primarily the Pacific population in lower socio-economic communities. We also used DHB data across the country to find out where best to advertise with the limited budget we had available.


Smoking is New Zealand’s leading cause of preventable death. Nearly two-thirds of long-term smokers will die of a smoking-related illness. Smoking rates for Pacific people sit well above the norm compared to the general NZ population. The hard truth is that if you are of Pacific origin and get cancer, you are more likely to die from it than any other ethnic group. The Quitline service is directly aimed at breaking the smoking cycle, and reducing the harm caused by smoking.


The campaign strategy was informed by insights that came from two very different tangents – head and heart. This was a compelling strength of the campaign – it allowed us to use both audience insights and also smart use of data to ensure that messages were not only seen with pinpoint accuracy in targeting but also that every piece of creative would connect in a way that either reduced a potential barrier or created action.

From this, we developed and tested a mix of key emotional and rational messages, that we knew would motivate our audience and reduce barriers to them making contact with Quitline.

All creative was linked using well-known Pacific comedian Tofiga Fepulea’i as the campaign face. He had the ability to ‘wrap the serious messages in honey’ by using a sense of humour to challenge and connect with our audience and make them laugh.

This campaign won Bronze in the Effie Awards, Limited budget, less than $100K category.

This multi-layered campaign included posters outside dairies, radio, mail, print advertising, and a strong social media component that demonstrated how to quit.

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