Brown Marmorated Stink Bug


Ministry for Primary Industries


Everyone in New Zealand, especially people who work in the agriculture industries, tourism workers and people coming into our beautiful country.


To raise awareness of the brown marmorated stink bug across a range of different audiences throughout New Zealand, with the aim to get those people on board to help MPI and their industry partners locate the bugs in their respective environments.

MPI needs everyone to be on the look-out for this bug as it is a serious pest for our agriculture and horticulture and can be a social nuisance.


The brown marmorated stink bug is a biosecurity threat to New Zealand. The purpose of the messaging was to spread awareness amongst New Zealanders and if they see a stink bug to do the following: “catch it, snap it, report it” but more importantly don’t kill it. We carried this message throughout both the summer and winter campaigns as it is simple and to the point.


We created the two campaigns to be visually engaging and different between the two of them – summer and winter. The kitchen covered in stink bugs was used to reflect the bugs hibernating in homes over winter, whereas the summer campaign was more to show how easily and fast the bug can spread.

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