Māori Electoral Option


Te Puni Kōkiri


#FFS CHOOSE : Social Media Campaign for the Māori Electoral Option 2018


Rangatahi – young Māori aged 18-29


To encourage young, eligible Māori to choose whether they are represented on New Zealand’s Māori or General electoral roll, we knew we needed an influential, yet authentic and inspiring front person for this campaign.  Someone who could connect with and educate our audience, and importantly empower them to act.

Through focus groups, we tested potential social media personalities with Rangatahi, and Stan Walker stood out from the crowd.  So we approached Stan and his management team, and fortunately for us, Stan wanted to be the voice of this campaign.  Stan worked closely with us to deliver our key messages for the For Future Sake Choose campaign – and ultimately to empower young Māori to make an informed choice.

The campaign uses a tactical mix of curated, informational content (including some very clever “Stanimation” from our friends at Flux Animation), and also some emotional, conversational materials from Stan (including his powerful, hero “Spoken Word” piece, written with the help of Stan’s friend and fellow artist Sheldon Rua).

Check out some of the work here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/FFSCHOOSE/videos/

Contact us for more information on the outstanding metrics and the thinking behind this highly successful social media campaign.