To add a new level of engagement to the Reserve Bank’s Armistice Day Coin campaign, an augmented reality app has been developed to bring the coin’s features and the story of Armistice to life.

This RBNZ Armistice Day Coin app uses scanning and tracking technology so that when you point your phone at an Armistice Day coin (or picture of one), a 3D exploded view of the coin appears, with each individual layer of the coin becoming interactive. You can isolate each of these layers and learn more about the meaning and symbolism of the chosen designs.

The app also includes interesting video content that explains more about the history of Armistice Day from a New Zealand context.

The AR app has been factored into our wider campaign for the Reserve Bank, appearing on our advertising materials that people can scan to launch the experience. The app can also be used even if you don’t have a coin in front of you. Download the app now and have a go yourself!

We are excited to be working more and more with this sort of technology. We believe it can be used really effectively to boost engagement with audiences.

If you would like to learn more about AR and see how it could work for your campaigns, please get in touch with us.

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