GSL Promotus is a full service, independently-owned advertising agency. We believe in searching for a better way for our clients – a better way of thinking; a better way of connecting; a better way of creating. GSL Promotus is one of the only agencies on all four All-Of-Government panels: Advertising Strategy; Creative; Media; Design. We have delivered powerful and successful communications for a wide range of both public sector and commercial clients.


Success starts with a strong strategy – everyone needs to buy into it and believe in it. At GSL Promotus we focus on getting the strategy right from the outset. Read more



Sound strategic thinking should form the base of every design project. At GSL Promotus, strategic thinking is built into everything we do. Our network of specialist designers have experience in almost every industry category. We have a strong record of delivering inspirational, simple and insightful design solutions for both public sector and commercial clients. Read more



Our Digital Marketing services include online techniques and strategies to help you reach your business objectives: web analysis, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, display advertising and conversion rate optimisation. Read more


Creativity thrives in the collaborative environment of GSL Promotus. Because everyone is involved from the start of a project, and everyone – including our clients – is contributing as a team, the work produced is strategically sound, creatively relevant and insightful. Read more



The media landscape is in a constant state of evolution. Never before has expert advice, research and evidence been more important in planning your media investment. GSL Promotus is fully accredited in all media. We subscribe to all key media research, and we have highly skilled media experts to advise you on every project. Read more



Our flexible and customer-focused approach allows us to tailor our processes to meet the specific and unique needs of every client. We are focused on delivering great work – on strategy, on budget, on time, every time. Read more