Social Media Marketing Agency

Take your Social Media Marketing to the next level


GSL Promotus believes in building a cohesive, long term and broad-reaching plan to manage, grow and enhance your brand’s social media presence. Building a network of engaged followers and advocates for your brand starts with a solid strategy.

We provide in-depth consultations to help our clients craft their distinct brand voice and brand persona on social media. Our social media marketing team is specialised in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and other social media channels.


We develop social media strategy by identifying correct channels, platforms, and tactics to support publishing, listening, and engaging. We consistently look for ways to drive customer advocacy and loyalty, maximising client retention and lifetime value. We help brands identify supporters, communities, and an audience that will promote and amplify your brand and become long term advocates.


It is important not only to create great content – but also to promote your content on the right channels at the right times to drive prospects to take action. Supporting great content with a robust social media advertising plan therefore plays a critical role. The new and sophisticated social media ad manager tools enable marketers to create look-alike audiences, remarket content to consumers who have visited your website previously and track conversions. Talk to us about your business needs and we can help you.