Suzuki GZX250 Launch3

Suzuki GSX250 Launch

Our client Suzuki New Zealand recently launched the new GSX250, a LAMS approved commuter motorcycle with more power, style and class. The bike was welcomed by many dealers around the country, with new features, enhanced tech and an attractive price making for a compelling bike for a diverse group of riders ranging from entry level to commuters looking to escape for a weekend ride.

Aggressively styled like the legendary GSX-R racers and kitted with MotoGP engine tech, the Gixxer is lightweight and fun with the power to keep you going. In order to create a launch campaign, we got right down to the finer detail with dealership focus groups to understand what works on the shop floor and understand the needs and desires of our customers. It was evident that the product and price would be key selling points; it was also clear that the creative needed to speak to a range of lifestyles in order to appeal and influence. It was key that a local shoot showcased the bike in a New Zealand landscape.


Photography and Videography was carried out in Wanganui and Wellington. Both the ‘naked’ and faired models were used to capture content for the range. Locations were carefully selected to bring our riders’ story to life. ‘Tough Week, Easy Ride’ was our concept, speaking to the mundane weekday life of traffic chaos and rushing, vs weekend rides with fresh air and freedom. The campaign consisted of Press Ads, Digital Banners, Dealership assets and Showroom cubes using local imagery and close up shots of the tech and features.

Our selection of media for this product launch was strategic and detailed to a fine level. For the first time we had motorcycles on Bus Backs which connected to those stuck in traffic seeking an escape mode. We carried out market research on our target audience, looking at where they are both online and offline, what appeals to them, and what kinds of things they are interested in, their habits and needs. Our campaign will also be feature through MotoGP racing content on TV and online.

Creatively, video content was key to support the Out of Home and print media. We produced a range of content for social platforms, landing pages and for the dealers to use. We also produced a GSX250 review with Superbike Champion Sloan Frost, as it was important to us and our client to present a tried and tested review from a trusted source.

As always, a successful product launch with Suzuki New Zealand is a great project for us. We tested a lot of new approaches for this launch and look forward to seeing the results come through. Watch the video below.