We have recently helped Suzuki launch a new initiative which sees them ‘taking cars to where the people are’!

Following a growing international trend, Suzuki New Zealand have set up a ‘Pop-Up Shop’ in Auckland’s largest mall, Sylvia Park in Mt Wellington. This will allow them to take advantage of high foot traffic over the busy Christmas period and get their product in front of a wide range of potential customers.

The site needed to be bright and engaging to encourage foot traffic and display the cars in the best light. It also needed to fit in well with the other stores around it in the fashion section of the mall.

We worked with Suzuki to design the space, including all of the colours and visuals on the walls, plus the items that appear on the digital kiosks. This job included building a digital 3D model of the shop at the outset to allow our client, and Sylvia Park, to see how this would look before it was set up.

You can read more about this initiative on Suzuki’s website here.

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