ThinkTV – Video Advertising Effectiveness

GSL Promotus recently attended a ThinkTV event, where we heard some insights from keynote speaker Professor Karen Nelson-Field. Karen presented an overview of The Benchmark Series; an independent study which observed how attentive and actively engaged Australians were with video advertising across different platforms and devices. The study found various components of video advertising are essential for overall growth for advertisers; these included the significance of screen coverage, attention, and visibility – all of which contribute to the impact on sales and ROI.


Screen coverage: If you see more of a video ad, it’s highly likely to have more of an impact on sales. TV ads cover 100% of the screen 100% of the time, which is 10x more than Facebook, and 3x more than YouTube.

Attention: Impact depends on how much people pay attention to your advertisement, and the more attention someone pays to an ad, the more effective it is. This study found that TV generates more active video viewing – 2x more than YouTube and 14 times more than Facebook.

Visibility: For maximum effectiveness, the ad needs maximum screen coverage (the size of the ad in relation to the screen). More screen coverage = less clutter.

Impact on sales: TV ads generate longer brand recall, as memorability influences whether someone buy a product or not. Ads on Facebook and YouTube only impact sales for one week, compared to TV which impacts sales for 9 weeks. Overall TV delivers 2.75 times the sales impact of YouTube, and 2.44 times the sales impact of Facebook (all measured across desktops, laptops and TV screens).

Click on the link to watch a video of the presentation.