Have your Say Campaign – On a UK-NZ Trade Agreement

New Zealand is preparing for a future free trade agreement with the United Kingdom (post Brexit) and MFAT wanted to ensure all New Zealanders; including those who may not usually engage in trade conversations; had a chance to voice their opinions on what was important to them before negotiations began.

The campaign on the UK-NZ trade agreement was all about providing kiwis a forum to:

  • Gain information about the benefits of a free trade agreement with the UK
  • Share their views on what New Zealand should prioritise in a future Free Trade Agreement with the UK
  • Provide their thoughts on any areas where the UK and New Zealand could cooperate more closely
  • Deliver their views on trade barriers that New Zealanders may face, or are concerned about, in trading with the UK after Brexit
  • Get their thoughts on specific industries, businesses or products that could have better access to the UK’s market
  • Advise other outcomes that will make it easier for New Zealanders to do business in the UK, including access to the right type of visas
  • Voice any concerns they have with a possible free trade agreement.

Our challenges included reaching a broad range of target audiences; a 10-week campaign timeframe (which included the summer holiday period); and a complex topic.

The campaign was delivered via digital channels to facilitate a frictionless pathway through to the Have your Say website, leveraging audience-relevant platforms including Neighbourly posts; Programmatic display via news and business verticals; and Google Ads (Search).

People could engage with the consultation via answering quick poll questions; longer comments or by submitting a more in-depth response.

The campaign delivered exceptional engagement, with the advertising generating; 71% of all website visits during the campaign period, 86% of all poll questions answered and 80% of all submitted comments.